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Born in North Carolina, I was raised all over the US. I grew up in search of my tribe, and wherever I went I always found it. It wasn’t until I became a single mom at 22, and moved from New York to Colorado, that I began to understand sisterhood is survival.  


I had my second baby in Fall of this year, and again, realized I would not survive without the women in my life who’ve supported me in many ways I had not previously known I needed. I founded a website shortly after the birth of my first child, which centered around my journey as a single mom. Through this platform I became connected to hundreds of women who’ve walked similar paths: the single mom path, the young mom path, and the holistically-minded path. I closed down MamaWilder.com less than a year after it began to focus on my new life and family I was creating in Colorado.  


I was given the opportunity to work at a natural parenting store on the Western Slope, where I founded a monthly meeting of women who, like me, weren’t exactly “from ‘round here,” and the group took off! 


Two years later, I find myself inspired yet again, to grow my tribe of women on these various paths. I have absolutely loved connecting with women in the online support group for single mothers, the women in the moms’ group I revitalized in Colorado, and the women I engage with every day through my various social media outlets. I have been lucky enough to inspire and become inspired by some amazing, humble, and beautiful women.  

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