One afternoon about three months ago I sat at Kendra’s kitchen counter in Detroit, having sought sanctuary in her home from Hurricane Florence’s arrival in the South where we reside. Had she told me in that moment how drastically this dream was going to advance, how quickly the amount of growth would occur, and how it would take off from there, I wouldn’t have believed her. Sorella has transformed from two friends brainstorming topics to write about and the women we love who could write about them, to a full online women’s magazine with a staff of ten! How did that happen in what feels like overnight?! I can tell you how, hard work from individuals who love and support the dreams in my never ending idea connections and always spinning brain! This hardworking man and these women have managed to transform the ramblings of my writer’s mind, into one of the most beautiful pieces of work I have been able to witness come to life.

We are a team of women who want to empower the other women surrounding our lives, our “tribes” as we refer to them, and so Sorella Tribu, the Sister Tribe was born. Its depth has more meaning to me, as Sorella means Sister in Italian and both of my sisters bear the same scripted tattoo on their bodies as I, being the inspiration for the name of the site and our brand. Further though, is my intense connection with our natural world, with Mother Nature. She is my sister in the oceans and forests, the mountains and rivers, my kindred spirit, the deepest part of my Sister Tribe.

Sorella began with my desire to build a community …
Where every and anyone may contribute …
A tribe of health and fitness nuts like myself dedicated to positive body love and self motivation …
A tribe of warriors, survivors who have faced adversities no woman, no mother, no human should ever have and yet live to tell …
A tribe of mommies and sisters who have stood by my side in health and parenting, crisis, joys and tears …

The world we live in is cold and cruel, the negativity my children are surrounded by has tainted their innocence early. My teen daughter is a part of this website because I desired to show her there are others she can turn to, as I have all of my tribe at one point, and people she can help by letting her voice be heard. My sisters all carry deep and personal things about my family and I, my past, present, and future, and have honored me in sharing their own, which is where my belief in their need to be heard originates, and I want to give them, and many others, this platform for their voices to be heard.

Over the years I’ve read a few pieces written by women about their “tribes,” in most instances, regarding the tribes they have met or created online, but I have yet to find a SINGULAR place where ALL women can come to find whatever tribe they are seeking. If you are reading this, I would like to welcome you to Sorella Tribu, your search ends here!


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