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For the most part, those of you coming to this site have been directed by me or someone linked to me. I’m sure you’d love to know what gives me the authority to launch such a site, well here’s the generic stat that qualifies me, are you ready? I’m a woman. There. Simple. Yes I’m a partner, trainer, healthcare provider, but I’m a woman first and foremost, and that’s really what Sorella is all about, women.

I am a soon to be wife (again!), mother of three, and most importantly a sister to ALL women. My fiancé Bill helped bring the hopes and dreams I have held for years to fruition with the building of this site, our first step in the journey we pray will become much larger. We share our home with my two daughters, one teen and one almost kindergartner, and our hyperactive pup Apache, as well as Bill’s boys on the weekends we have them. He is currently finishing a short deployment I feel has lasted years, even though it’s only been a few months. I cannot wait to have him home by my side again!

I have a pretty varied background professionally speaking. Having worked in the medical field for over 15 years, I did a stint in the US Army as a combat medic, as well as the service industry ranging from serving to jumping in the kitchen where needed. Even though I made the conscious choice to leave the medical field permanently in June, I still help others improve their health as I currently work a position I adore as a trainer at a local kickboxing gym! I am a colossal nerd in all things science, especially the biology and chemistry behind the functioning of our human bodies.

I find myself traveling far and wide regularly, my inability to sit still and resist boredom fuels this, but what it has offered me are experiences of a lifetime I would have missed otherwise. Mother Nature is my solace, I find peace in being outdoors and often run to the beach or the mountains when I need a break, the fresh air helps reset my soul. I am an eccentric free thinker, who loves to challenge the rules and minds of those I love around me. I push limits to open free thinking, and am a passionate humanitarian, I want those lifting me up me to feel the love, hope, faith, and acceptance I receive in return.

Welcome to my crazy world, enjoy the ride!

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