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Hi there! 


As a Jesus-loving wife and mother of four, a recovering alcoholic, and addict, I have have had many amazing experiences, as well as many struggles over my years. 


I have been married and divorced twice, but have settled now with my life-long love and partner, who I walk with daily in our journey of partnership. I have been blessed with three boys, aging from four to 21, and a daughter who entered my life later, she a teenager and I already in my thirties. I am a proud wrestling mom for my middle son and a home-school teacher for my littlest. This spring I will watch my daughter get married, and I just welcomed a new daughter-to-be when my oldest got engaged recently! 


I lost my mother at the age of ten and survived five years of incestual sexual abuse from an older cousin, only to lose my hero, my uncle, in a tragic accident at the age of 27. Let’s just say, life has been less than kind to me at some points.  


I am currently attending college and working toward completing my Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling. I am an active part of my local Celebrate Recovery program, and also put out a podcast called “Mess It Up” every Tuesday. Recently, I have been diagnosed as bipolar and am walking the journey of self-discovery and self-awareness in my disease. I’m natural minded, and love my recovery! My heart also finds great joy in the creation of beautiful crafts from paper, and the research of many different topics online. 


I pray as I share my heart through my writing, you will receive the love it’s intended to share. I believe in hope, love and grace as a way of connecting with others. 


Lots of Love, 


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