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For those choosing to enter this site and learn a little bit about me, about us, thank you. Writing about myself does not come easy, nor do I personally find myself to be very interesting. With that said, I actually do find myself incredibly relatable with life experience. Hopefully learning about me will encourage you to continue reading other content I will post!

My name is Gina. I am a 29-year-old crunchy, natural living, eccentric, photographing, workout loving, mother of two rambunctious and beautiful children, Dominic (5) and Giuliana (4). I currently live in Pensacola, FL with my amazing kids, boyfriend Stephen, and my two Australian shepherds. My life has been a rollercoaster and my kids have been my only solid anchor.

I grew up in western NY in a small town, and I always knew I would end up somewhere other than NY. Oh boy, did I ever! The United States Air Force was the branch I chose to first join, had a set date scheduled to leave even, July 2007, after I graduated high school, however, it came to a halt when I tore my ACL during a summer soccer game. Ultimately, I ended up going through the next three years completely screwing up my life and making terrible mistakes. I finally said screw it and joined the Navy. 

Oh, the United States Navy and all it has done for me. I did well through boot camp, went to A school in Pensacola, was stationed in Whidbey Island, WA, and took off for my first deployment two weeks later. I had so many amazing experiences, but some horrible and life changing ones as well. I was belittled for simply being a woman, I was sexually assaulted multiple times, and I was groped nearly every day. It caused life altering ramifications, and honestly changed my personality quite a bit. One thing I did find out about myself though, was how strong I am. 

I met some of my closest friends through this journey, and continued on to my second deployment. I will tell you right now, I would have never met my ex-husband or my current boyfriend if it wasn’t for these deployments (on the USS Carl Vinson). I married my ex too quickly, had kids immediately, discharged from the Navy, started my degree and went through much emotional trauma that led to me begging for a divorce. While some people see divorce as an “end of life” event, it was the opposite, a “beginning of life” for me. I finally took control of my awful situation and spun it around to where I wanted to be. I reconnected with an old friend, whom is now the love of my life. Graduating with a Bachelors in Maternal Child Health: Human Lactation, I gained certifications, became closer with my children, and started my life all over again the way I want it to be. Everything was going amazing…. and then I had a miscarriage.

My miscarriage was a pivotal point in my life. I cannot understand how or why this happened to me. I take amazing care of my health, my last two pregnancies were great, my children are incredibly healthy. So, why me? My body would not naturally miscarry and I was terrified of bleeding out at work, so I scheduled a D&C. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the after effects of all of this? Because I was a train wreck. I ended up with PMDD, constantly depressed, more argumentative, jealous of my friends with babies to the point it was hard for me to even say congratulations. People kept saying the worst things to me they probably believed were just helpful. They weren’t. Its been 14 months since my miscarriage and I am finally able to see the light and learn how to be a little bit more gentle with myself. 

I have found that through life, my ultimate passion is helping mothers. Teaching them, empowering them, letting them know support is essential and they are not weak for needing help. Watching this huge divide in birth, breastfeeding, and natural ways of parenting truly hurts my soul. I feel all I can do on my end is help as many struggling mothers as possible and let them know they are not alone, there is a tribe out there for them and we are all here to help. Hopefully, within this page, we can help you find the empowerment and support that you need.

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