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Writers tasked with writing about themselves. You’d think it would be simple, the words would flow. There’s seemingly no other topic we’re more familiar with than ourselves, and yet so rarely are we the topic we choose. On that note, here goes nothing…

I’m a twice-married 39 year old mother of two. My husband and I live in my hometown in Northwestern New Jersey, where my children will go to the same school I did, with the children of many of my childhood friends. Growing up here I couldn’t wait to leave, I never imagined I’d come back and make this place my home. Small town life leaves a lot to be desired, but there’s just something about the knowledge I don’t have to lock my doors, my kids can ride their bikes around my neighborhood and I know they’ll come home, and my neighbors will always be there to lend a hand or keep an eye on things.

We have a plethora of rescue animals running around as well. Three dogs, two cats, a snake, and seven ducks. The ducks are my favorites. They’re our endlessly entertaining comedians with fresh eggs every day.

My son’s father and I were together for the better part of a decade, on and off. We tried. We failed. And we tried and failed again. It takes an amount of growth and maturity to realize that “doing what’s best for the child” can sometimes mean splitting up, and that’s okay. We weren’t always friendly, sometimes we were bordering on outright hostility.  With the benefit of time behind us, and so much time ahead of us, we are in a good place now. We are able to be a truly blended family, our son the glue. We’ve lined up together on the sidelines of soccer fields and baseball fields, sat together at school concerts and parent-teacher meetings.  My husband and I, his fiancé and him. And for this, we are lucky.

Since meeting my husband, we’ve been through an international move, the death of my father, the purchase of our home, custody battles with his children in another country, the traumatic brain injury of my mother, the birth of our daughter, and ongoing immigration delays. Normal? What’s normal?

Professionally, I operate and manage The Woolly Llama and work in Digital Marketing and Social Media. The former is my hobby that I’m so lucky to get paid to do. I’ve been creating and crafting for most of my life, and as I’ve gotten older and more and more babies have entered my circle, creating a one of a kind blanket for each one started the idea that maybe I should keep track of what I make.  And so along with all the babies, The Woolly Llama was also born.  On a whim, I thought I’d try selling some items and see what happened. I never imagined it would bring me here, and I’m so grateful it did.

The universe has a plan.  For life and for love. My husband and I are from opposite sides of the world and we found each other.  We named our daughter Sagan to reflect that. We are on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam, and the universe has a plan.

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