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I am going to start my bio with a small question: have YOU ever tried to sit down and write about yourself? No? Well, I must admit, it’s incredibly difficult to type up 1000 words about who you are and what is so great about you. I’ve stared at this computer screen for three days and rewritten this twice. Yes, twice, so here it goes…

My name is Kendra, my hunny bunny husband is Bob, and our children are Bob, Bob, and Bob…. Oh, wait that’s the children’s book I just read, I suppose this is what I get for writing after bed time. Bob and I met in 2011 and were married in 2013. I had my first son at 19, my daughter at 22, and my youngest at 23, so I absolutely fall under the ‘young mom’ category. I’d love to be able to call my parenting style ‘modern and kind,’ but it absolutely borders on ‘Hot Mess Chic’ most days.

Our motley crew begins with our oldest son, Boudreaux, who just recently turned eight (Wait, what? When did that happen?!). He is my spunky, high needs child, diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD, whose biological father is not in the picture. He also possesses a gifted level IQ and one day, I will compose an entire post just centered around him!

Next in the line up is my daughter Bug, and I am grateful to only have one girl. She’s sweet, easy, incredibly smart and just a ‘unicorn’ child compared to my oldest. Currently four years old, with her birthday rolling around this coming February, I cannot tell you how strange it is to sit down and think that my five pound baby is about to be five! She’s acts as if she is going on 15, with the level of sass this girl can dish out on a regular basis. Have you ever met a four-year-old who has perfected the eye roll AND the hair flip? (And no, I don’t have to wonder where she got it, I know exactly where it’s from, MY mother!)

Rolling up the end of this line up is my youngest son, BB, who just turned three this past September.  He is known by quite a few names in our home, many revolve around his whopping birth weight of nine lbs (I am a 5’2 woman, he was a LOT of baby), Butterball (yes, like the turkey), BB, Bear, Beast, and my personal favorite Boblette. I am sure you will soon see in pictures, my son looks nothing like me, and if you are also a mom who knows what it’s like to be a genetic incubator for your husband’s mini clone, you will understand. Beast is probably the most accurate description of his personality as he is loud, brave, wild, intense, needy, and the baby of the family.

Now you have completed reading the novel regarding my children, it’s my turn. I work as a legal secretary/paralegal for an immigration law firm by day, and by night I am a food loving, book reading, very laid-back mom, who is just trying to make sure my house doesn’t always look like a war zone in the battle against dishes and laundry. I have goals of one day completing my own law degree.

Prior to high school, I attended a slew of different schools ranging in location from southern Texas, to the St. Croix in the US Virgin Island. Many of these homes, my parents renovated and flipped while living in them, so I am pretty stinking handy when it comes to house work!

Between work, marriage, three kids, two cats, one dog, a house we are slowly renovating, and the everyday drama I experience, ‘Hot Mess Chic’ should be stamped on my forehead.

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